I hear a lot of people talk about how switching to solar can save them a bunch of money, is that true?

Yes! The main thing to point out is that not every home in America will have big savings, some houses are a better fit than others, one homeowner might save $10,000, while others up to $20,000 or more!

Well why is there such a big difference in how much each home can save? Shouldn't anyone who switches be able to save money?

There are a bunch of factors that determine how solar works for each home. The roofing, the amount of panels, location, & then comparing how much electricity each house uses makes a huge difference in system sizing.

So then how can I see exactly how much I'm going to save if I switched to solar energy for my home?! I just don't see how I can possibly save that much.

This is where an expert consultant in the solar energy business comes in. Sitting down with one will show you exactly what would or would not work for your home. There are so many options for panels, batteries, offset sizing, & even pricing. Our solar consulting team is trained to assess every homeowners specific situation so we can present them accurate information.

Idk, I don't want pressured into buying anything that won't actually help me.

Solar consultations are purely information in order to help you understand the reason why so many people are switching to solar energy. We are simply here to educate potential customers on how solar could help them. Then it is ultimately up to you whether staying in your current situation or switching to solar is best for you!

Take Control Of How Your Money Is Spent To Start Keeping More In Your Pocket

The picture below shows how different switching to solar can be vs. staying with your utility company. The very top two lines being the utility provider and the bottom two at HALF the price are solar options.
Important note: (the prices shown will NOT be the same for every home, this is only a generalized picture)
You can see with solar there's not only a difference in spending short term but a HUGE difference throughout solar production. 
If your home is a good fit for switching to solar then why would anyone pass up saving this amount of money?! 
Make sure to get a free consultation with a solar energy expert to get more accurate numbers for your home!

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