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Do you have what it takes to join the

Solar Bug Outside Sales Team?

Solar Bug hires the best most competitive individuals, who perform with integrity and respect, valuing excellence, collaboration and helping our customers obtain winning outcomes.


The “bugs” that serve customers well and help them understand the value and savings of our energy products become heroes and those who cannot do what it takes to serve our customers well and respectfully are shown their way out.

We provide you with support, but compensation is directly dependent upon your efforts and drive to succeed!  There are no ceilings or limits. Compensation is directly tied to your self-determination, creativity, drive, and ability to provide award-winning customer service and help others understand value.

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Being the Bug

You may have what it takes to Be the Bug, if you are a self-starter, have a burning drive to push forward and be successful despite the discomfort of opposing forces, and willingness to do what it takes to help protect our customers and ensure their long-term economic freedom.


It is no secret most individuals do not have what it really takes to Be the Bug and succeed here at Solar Bug.  We are very selective.  The majority of individuals do not make it. You will prove yourself at every level, or you leave the company. Over 83 percent of new individuals are gone after one year. We demand your best!

Those who do not like the pressure and the hard work, and who do not buy into our values and ethics, they are gone.  But if you are a self-starter, and have the drive, initiative, and—above all else—the ability to produce and serve the customer, then you will do well here at Solar Bug.  The key question is whether Solar Bug is right for you. If not, you will hate it here, fail miserably, and leave.

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