How Much Can You Save By Switching?

The average home can save up to 10 or 20 thousand dollars over the lifetime of their system! Installing solar is now the most cost-effective investment topped with incentives to save you even more money. These incentives are all set to end soon. Now is the time to consider making the switch for maximum savings!


Learn About Solar

Everyone is talking about solar energy and there can be a lot of inaccurate information. Only experts in solar energy can accurately determine if solar can work for you. Click below to learn a little about solar and just how beneficial making the switch could be for you!


Why a Personal Consultation Is Important:

Every home has a different solar energy solution because of the many factors. We can only show you how much you'll save by getting more info on your house. Not every home is a good fit for solar energy. Let our solar energy experts talk with you & see if making the solar switch is right for you.

Switch now before it's too late

Electricity bills have been on the rise & that's not going to change. While energy efficient appliances might lower your amount of electricity used, inflation will still continue to make the prices raise each year.

By switching to solar you take back CONTROL of your electric bill eliminating any increase & SAVING yourself a lot of money!

Do We Serve Your Area?!

Solar Bug currently services all of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, & Arkansas. Don't worry if you live outside of these areas, we can still help you switch to solar! We employ nationally licensed installers and have adjusted our consultation strategies to include virtual calls so no matter where you live Solar Bug can help you make the switch!

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