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updated Feb 7, 2003

From : Scott Brown <Scott.Brown@***.com> 
To : pangandy@hotmail.com 
Subject : For what it's worth 
Date : Mon, 14 Oct 2002 12:15:09 -0700 

To anyone concerned with Andy Pang's character,

 I recently fat fingered a paypal transaction for a "LARGE" sum of money to Andy Pang. To complicate things I was set to leave for the weekend to remote location (i.e.. no cell, no nothin) . This of course leaves me in quite an interesting situation. You may be asking yourself  "Gee how did I handle this most precarious circumstance?" Well, I advised Andy of just how silly I had been and proceeded with my travel plans never giving the matter a second thought. As soon as Andy received my notification he promptly refunded the aforementioned  "LARGE" sum to my account.

 For the purposes of your evaluation here are a few facts;

 1.    I have never met Andy Pang nor am I affiliated with anyone who knows him.

 2.    This was my first transaction with him and will not be the last (hobby budget permitting).

 3.    The "LARGE" sum was $460.00. "DOOOH!" (yup, I know that one still stings!)

 In closing is Mr Pang can be trusted with your hard earned dollars! Neither his character nor business practices need be questioned!

 Scott Brown
 Phx, AZ

 Andy, Please strip my email address out of this for now as it is my work e mail should you decide to post this. I will send a private address after my stuff at home gets installed if needed. Thanks again for everything, Come down for BOTBASH sometime and buy you dinner and a frosty beverage!  :)


From :                "Timothy O'Hagan" <tohagan@ureach.com> 
To :               "andy pang" <pangandy@hotmail.com> 
Subject :              Re: BEAM pack is on its way 
Date :               Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:38:45 -0500 

 Hey Andy,

      I just wanted to let you know that i recived all the parts today.  I am extremly satisfied, you did a great job packing and shipping was much faster then I had expected.  Please feel free to post this mail on your site to let others know.

 Thanks for everything.


Can I trust Andy Pang?     http://groups.yahoo.com/group/beam

Message 17214  From:  baggy45@y...  Date:  Sun Sep 2, 2001  4:31 am  Subject:  Can I trust Andy Pang?
I want to buy BEAM parts from him and I'm just wondering if anyone has had a bad encounter with him. Thats all, thankyou =)   -Chris

Message 17215 From:  Jeff Steele <jbsandcs@y...>  Date:  Sun Sep 2, 2001  4:59 am  Subject:  Re: [beam] Can I trust Andy Pang?
 I have purchased solar panels from Andy twice and have been very pleased.  Jeff

Message 17216 From:  "Jesse W." <osmodiar@v...> Date:  Sun Sep 2, 2001  6:07 am Subject:  Re: [beam] Can I trust Andy Pang?
He seems to be a well known figure in the BEAM community.  I don't think you have anything to worry about. Jesse

Message 17220 From:  Chris Vinluan <baggy45@y...> Date:  Sun Sep 2, 2001  8:06 am Subject:  Re: [beam] Can I trust Andy Pang?
Yeah, I knew he was a well known and liked figure in the community, but you never know. I was just making sure. I just gotta make sure I have the money, the I can go shopping =) thanks everyone! -Chris

Message 17237 From:  tksean@y... Date:  Mon Sep 3, 2001  12:06 am Subject:  Re: Can I trust Andy Pang?
 i bought some beam stuffs from him and the service i received from him was wonderful and fast. he packed the things so nicely and neat. 

Message 17279 From:  "Pat Nicklas" <pn0853@h...> Date:  Tue Sep 4, 2001  5:26 pm Subject:  Re: [beam] Can I trust Andy Pang?
I have ordered parts off Andy before with no problems.  The parts arrived in a reasonable amount of time (I live in the US) and Andy demonstrated good communication via email.  You don't have anything to worry about. Pat

Anyone ever do buisness with Andy's? http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/beamrobotics

Message 1654  Anyone ever do buisness with Andy's? meshaggy19m (19/M) 11/16/01 6:03 pm
I was looking at Andys site and he is selling parts and kits and was wondering if anyone had ever done buisness with him.And if he is reliable and fast. 

Message 1655  Re: Anyone ever do buisness with Andy's? devs_ca  (35/M/Toronto, Ont.) 11/16/01 6:13 pm
Yes to both, Andy is reliable and fast.  Dave Simmons http://simmons.solarbotics.net 

Message 1656  Re: Anyone ever do buisness with Andy's? rumgod (46/M)  11/16/01 6:38 pm
 Hi, Yep I have bought several things items(parts) from Andy Pang, if is very dependable and quick, you will have to use a traveler check or a money order, but it was it. Also he has the best prices for the 1381's and the 2200 uf caps!! ...Big Art 

Message 1658 Re: Anyone ever do buisness with Andy's? Gord_1812 11/16/01 9:56 pm
I get a lot of parts from Andy. My last shipment arived in 4 days he said it would take 7 to 10. I'v ordered over $100 worth of stuff from him and only one glitch. I didn't get my 2n3904 and 2n3906's in a kit. He sent them asap and added a few for my trouble. Gord 

Message 1660  Re: Anyone ever do buisness with Andy's?  meshaggy19m (19/M) 11/16/01 10:21 pm
WOW That is great.Well I calculated it up and the results are amazing.For two photopoppers it would have costed me 38.50 dollars.But when i calculated up parts on andys page i can get parts for 3 photopopers for 21.09.Wow makes me want to order moe.Thanx everyone for making me feel safe doing buisness with him. Patrick 

Andy Pang's website    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/beam

Message 19422  From:  "Jim Martin" <jimdmartin@a...> Date:  Tue Nov 27, 2001  12:13 am Subject:  Andy Pang's website
Has anyone here ordered parts from Andy Pang's website,  and if so,  how was the experience.  He has some outstanding prices,  and I would just like to get a little history before I place my order. thanks.... Jim D.Martin Indiana, USA

Message 19423 From:  "Larry" <larry@l...> Date:  Tue Nov 27, 2001  12:55 am Subject:  Re: [beam] Andy Pang's website
I had no problems with his service what so ever. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Larry

Message 19424 From:  leifwolf@y... Date:  Tue Nov 27, 2001  1:07 am Subject:  Re: Andy Pang's website
i had no problems either. very nice service, quick delivery. i think it got here in 4 days. not anything to worry about. later, e.

Message 19427 From:  "Christian Bingham" <cupotea163@h...> Date:  Tue Nov 27, 2001  2:08 am Subject:  Re: [beam] Andy Pang's website
Yea, hes really good, and sends the products pretty quickly (at least where I live in Pennsylvania).

Message 19428 From:  steve b <dberger@o...> Date:  Tue Nov 27, 2001  2:35 am Subject:  RE: [beam] Andy Pang's website
He is top of the line.  Nothing more could be said of him.  Quick to fill orders and well packaged.  Steve 

My life is not over yet. So I probably have something more interesting to add on later :-)

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Yu Deng, Andy Pang, and Jerry H. Wang


Regulation of mammalian STE20-like kinase 2 (MST2) by protein phosphorylation/Dephosphorylation and proteolysis

Papers in Press: J. Biol. Chem. published January 27, 2003 as 10.1074/jbc.M211085200


JBC Papers in Press Published on Mar 06, 2002

Accelerated Publications: 

Yick-Pang Ching, Andy S.H. Pang, Wing-Ho Lam, Robert Z. Qi, and Jerry H. Wang 

 Identification of a neuronal Cdk5 activator-binding protein as Cdk5 inhibitor 
 JBC published March 6, 2002 as 10.1074/jbc.C200032200 [Abstract] [Accepted Manuscript]

Jeffrey D. Bjorge, Andrew Pang and Donald J Fujita 2000

Identification of Protein-tyrosine Phosphatase 1B as the Major Tyrosine Phosphatase Activity Capable of Dephosphorylating and Activating c-Src in Several Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 275, No. 52, Issue of December 29, pp. 41439-41446, 2000

Cay Egan, Andrew Pang, Denise Durda, Heung-Chin Cheng, Jerry H Wang and Donald J Fujita 1999

Activation of Src in human breast tumor cell lines : elevated levels of phosphotyrosine phosphatase activity that preferentially recognizes the Src carboxyl terminal negative regulatory tyrosine 530.

Oncogene 1999, 18, 1227-1237

 Andy S.-H. Pang, Shyroze Nathoo, and Sui-Lam Wong 1991

Cloning and Characterization of a Pair of Noval Genes That Regulate Production of Extracellular Enzymes in Bacillus subtilis.

Journal of Bacteriology Vol. 173, No. 1, Jan. 1991, p. 46-54.

Xu-Chu Wu, Shyroze Nathoo, Andy S.-H. Pang, Tomas Carne and Sui-Lam Wong 1990

Cloning, Genetic Organization, and Characterization of a Structural Gene Encoding Bacillopeptidase F from Bacillus substilis.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 265, No. 12, Issue of April 25, pp. 68456850, 1990

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Full-time Research Assistant in Dr. Jerry Wang's Lab., Dept. of Biochemistry, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


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