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Andy's solar light-flashing Beacon
DIY : Solar-beacon

Parts list : updated Mar 27, 2007

1 blinking LED (green or red fled)

1 Panasonic 2433 solar panel, 3.45V

1 gold capacitor 0.047F, 5.5V

Optional  Powerstor 1.5F supercaps



It's only 3 items, shake them well enough and you may have a flashing beacon on your hand :-)

Lee: " I whipped this together in less than 5 minutes with a 24x33 solar cell, 5.5V .047F Gold Cap and a flashing LED (FLED). Mr. Pock takes a few minutes to begin blinking under my 40W desk lamp, but it continues to blink for about 10 minutes after the lamp is turned off. A nice beacon to add to your BEAM park!"

My version on How to freeform it (without PCB) : Lee's Solar Pockmark

1.  all the parts are shown here.

2.  bend the fled as shown

The flat-side of the fled is cathode -ve.

3.  solder the fled and capacitor as shown

Marking on the capacitor is -ve, so goes with the -ve of fled.

Solder the other side together as well

4.  Finally the solar-panel
Again, -ve lead of the fled goes with the -ve pad of the solar-panel
and +ve lead of the fled goes to the +ve pad of the panel.

lower the panel do shift the CG closer to the middle point of the panel : 
help balance the beacon


Sep 11, 2001

Panasonic 2422 solar-panel can do the same job !!
When I put them side-by side, I can tell the difference : The fled from 2433 solar-panel Beacon blinks faster than the 2422 panel Beacon.

I always use crazy-glue to fix the wires onto the panel.


 Hook up the 1.5F supercaps and the fled will blink for hours :-)

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