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last updated : Mar 27, 2007

Solar-panel soldering

 I use " low temp" method to solder the wires on. 

 1. Heat up the soldering iron first until it can melt down the solder
 2. Unplug it and cool for 20 sec 
 3. lay the wires on top of pads( I use C-clamp to fix the position) 
 4. solder the wires onto the pads 
 5. check to see if wires can conduct electricity 
 6. if so, crazy-glue the wires onto the back of solar-panel 
 7. if not, clean the pads and re-solder it again (step 1 to 6) 
 8. don't pull the wires to test the soldering strength, a definitely " no-no " 
 9. after the glue set (5 min-overnight), remove the C-clamp 

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