BEAM is an acronym standing for :
Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics
Andy's Light-seeking Robots
Surplus Robot Kits/Parts
last updated : Mar 27, 2007

How to : I'm offering my surplus parts that you will put them into good use. I also prepare all the components in kits so that you can just pick it up and go home to have fun. No need to run around to look for parts.

Please e-mail me :

1. the kit/part #
2. Qty and
3. your mailing address

and I will get back to you on how much the total cost will be, including the postage ASAP. Shipping starts at USD 5.0 and consists of roughly (postage+bubble envelop+bubble sheet+packing materials+handling).

The fastest way to transfer money is through Paypal. And I can send your stuff out the same day.

For Paypal user

International Money Order can be purchased from your local bank, Post Office or .

This is NOT a commerical site. Please order your Money Order here. They will send the MO for you :-)

How Does It Work?
1  enter the information for the payment you want to send.
2  pay for your order with your credit card, bank account, or PayPal account.
3  SendMoneyOrder .com will print a money order with the information you provided and send it through the postal mail to me.
4  I'll receive the money order in my postal mailbox.
5. I'll send your stuff right away.

( The cost to send an International Money Order is $3.00 for the first $25.00
and then $1.25 for each $25.00 increment thereafter. )

If you have any questions,  comments or just want more information to help you build these little toys for yourself, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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