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Mike                       Oct 16, 2002
Hi Andy,

 Thought you might like a shot of a slightly wacky configuration of one of your FRED kits.  It came about from a crude attempt on my part to apply Stephen Bolt's "Suneater" mechanical layout to FRED components. 
 This 'bot wins the award for doing the best job of following the sun's "pool of light" as it crosses my kitchen floor.  It stays in the light full time, and is therefore more active than either the standard FRED,
 or even my Solarbotic's Photopopper!  Electronically, my little spinner is just like your FRED, except that one motor is wired in reverse. 
 Mechanically, I've added extra leads to the cap, so that there are two sets of leads to hang the brains and LEDs from.  The LED that's in the sun triggers the motor that moves the bot toward that LED.  The wide
 spacing of the LEDs, and the fact that the motors pop in opposite directions are the two keys.

 Mike Bagneski

Sure!  That would be great!  Also, I've attached a couple of pictures of my attempt to shrink your standard FRED configuration.  You can add them  too if you want.
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