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Gord Mitchell         swamp boat!            July 9, 2002

  I found a use for my E-Charger motor..A swamp boat!   

  I started with a dollar store boat that I wanted to hack. The motor  was way too inefficient so I took it out and added the E-Charger  motor above water like a swamp boat. I hid a 8212 SE and .33f cap  under the seats.  

  It pretty good. It'll take 45 seconds to a minute to  charge then the boat travels the length of my back yard pond.  (All  4 feet of it :)  )  The motor stops turning about half way then the  boat drifts the last 2 feet where the pond wall stops it. 

 The motor, prop and 1.5F cap (that's for another project)  is worth  the 9 bucks 
I paid for the e-charger air plane.   Gord

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