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Soldering Gun Guy                  Apr. 1, 2002

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 I built it because I had some parts arround, and had nothing to do with it. It is really active, turns on even when it is almost dark. It uses 3 4700uF caps + 1000uF cap, a cassete player motor and a 3733 Solarcell. I used the 1381J Solarengine.
 I built it this week, on 3/27. It is really cool! I configured it to be a photovore, and it is pretty fast. I used a 9V battery with 5V regulator, and RM1 Mabuchi motors from Solarbotics.
 I built it at 3 in the morning, chatting with some guys on the Internet. I had to correct some errors the next day. It is pretty active. In full sunlight it turns on every second. I used a 4700uF cap, 3733 Solarcell and pager motors. I built it following Chiu's tutorial.
 This was my first non-kit bot. It isn't too active and gives small "steps". It uses a 1381J Solarengine, with 2 4700uF caps and 2433 Solarcell.
 It was built in January. First it used bicores, but then I changed them to a microcore. I found out that the microcore is much better (in my opinion). I used Hobbico Standard Servos, and a 74AC245 as motor driver. 2.2M resistors and o.22 uF caps. It is really cool, because it shows great adaptability and walking gait synchronization.
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