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Uditha DeAlwis           Feb. 1, 2002

BEAMed Tommy Bit Racer: pager motor racer, converted to utilize solar-energy ;-)
Used a Panasonic AL Gold cap 0.33 F, Panasonic 1381E voltage trigger, 3904, 3906 transistors 2.2K resistor and 0.22uF monolithic cap to form the engine. The panel was the 2433 and it works like a charm.   I had only about 2 feet available on the table but it out ran that space.  My guess is that it will run about 4 feet per charge.
Hold on to your chair.  I did zoom it off the table while I was talking......  After that I actually ran a test on distance.  I had it on a tile floor (rather rough surface with 12" tiles and very prominent grout lines) and the car made 12 feet on a single charge.  The 1381E, 2.2K resistor combination fires around 2.45V  So it is a beauty.
I have a recently purchased Solarroller.  This is faster than the solarroller.  The motor is geared better.  The problem with the solarroller is it doesnt run straight.  I guess the natural tendency for the motor to counter rotate curves it to different extents.  That was the problem with the solarroller or any number of paper clip solarrollers of my design. 

The bit racer is 12.5g without the electronics and the solar panel.  The solarroller if I remember correct is about 15g fully loaded so they are comparable weight. 

However, the solarroller uses a 1381C trigger which fires at 2.1V.  You can use a 1381C trigger for the bit racer, but I guess it will be slightly anemic.  I will do a head to head comparison this weekend if we have any sun and I can use the deck for the test.  But I tell you the bit racer is the best.  Since it is an open frame, placing the electronics is a breeze, and it runs on a straight line.

Feb. 4, 2002
The blue car is much more neat than the red, i.e.  all the things fit together better because of the shape of the top cover.
several bugs Spidy, my 5 wheel concept car.  Can you guess what I am trying to do here? Uditha
Andy : sort of like one wheel racer ? driving wheel is the center one,  the others sort of like training wheels ?
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