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Kyle Simmons                                       last updated on 25 Mar., 2001

This demostrates how well the little Kyle solders
This is the right side up with the socket shown
David Simmons, Kyle's father, is one proud Dad!!!
Tiny Tim by Kyle
Tiny Tim is Kyle Simmons second two motor Walker, built just before Christmas 2000. The first time it was turned on, in test stages, it had a terrible one sided gait, hence the name. I (David Simmons) wanted to go for Limply, but Kyle and my wife ganged up on me. Tiny Tim is controlled by a grounded Bicore Master, a Mux, and a Slave. The Master and Slave are 74AC240's to direct drive the Nihon gear motors (BG's) while the Mux uses the lower current 74HC240. 
The batteries (Under the red and blue tape) are two cells from a (3 cell) 3.6v 600mAh cordless phone battery pack.  Surprisingly this gives about a half hour of run time on a four hour charge.
Group Shot

In the background are two of the four photopoppers that Kyle has built using Andy's Fred Tutorial, these kits turned out really well, and have given Kyle the confidence to start doing more freeforming. 

The clear simple instructions, and pictures, allowed Kyle to build his skill, and gave him several ideas for new projects. The two in the foreground are VirboBots, using one SE from the Fred Tutorial, a pair of 1000uf caps, and a pager motor with the weight still in place. Generally called the twins, He has named this pair Skippy and Nickel. They reside, most of the time, on the
window sill in his room in their own RJP (The lid from a large 
margarine container).

Many thanks go to Andy for the work he has put into his tutorials, and hosting some of Kyle's creations. Comments or questions can be directed to: 
 Kyle's e-mail kiwi@look.ca (Kyle's Address) or 
 David's e-mail devs@idirect.com Kyle's proud father - David Simmons

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