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Michael Henriksen     http://fly.to/epilot
              Apr. 28, 2002

Apr. 22, 2002
picture of the geardrive and solarengine test setup I hooked up a FLED solar engine to a Supercap from a Hotwheels car and use three solar cells (for testing under artificial light). Works great. I tried it in sunlight yesterday and it charges in app. 5 minutes with three solar cell, so one-two cells should be fine. When it triggers the motor runs for app. 30-40 seconds.
Jan. 23, 2002
 a geardrive with the pager motor, No less than 8.5 grams of thrust on 4 cells! ;-)
fleet of sub-ounce models
A pager motor plane should not exceed 16 grams, so we use dc/dc converters to step up the voltage. Alternatively they can be used in multi-engine models where it is easier to carry 4 (small) NiMH cells. The models are controlled with infrared remote control equipment 

 There are pictures of a single cell, pager motorized model here: 
 http://www.aeronutz.flyer.co.uk     (plus a picture of my unpainted Spitfire)

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