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Barry Kwong                   last updated May 10, 2003

 Back- This picture shows the back of the bug.  You can see clearly the whole unit stands on four legs.  These four legs are the leads from the two capacitors soldered in parallel.  As you know, capacitance in parallel equal to capacitance of first capacitor PLUS capacitance of the second capacitor.  The heart of the engine is sitting between the two capactors.  The solar panel is resting between the capactors using glue from glue gun.   Back right 2 - shows all the components, the engine, capactors, the panel and the pager motor in the front.
Base - This pictures shows the legs of the bug.  It clearly shows the legs are made up by soldering two capacitors in parallel. Front  - This picture shows the pager motor is glued to the bottom of the solar panel.
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