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Hall of Fame

last updated : July 28, 2003

Ben Hitchcock
Kyle Simmons
Vincent Chin
Walter Carter
Gord Mitchell
Marty ( mastervulk )
Jeff Steele
Ed Mack 
Paul Garcia
David Wilson
Barry Kwong updated
Dan Roe
Frans Storms
Art Loya
Steve Red
Michael Jovan
M. Ahn
Andy Pang
Michael Henriksen
Uditha DeAlwis
Gord Mitchell
Jeff Kamla
Frans Storms
Tom Gray
Soldering Gun Guy
James Bateson
Gord Mitchell
Ray Diaz
Greg Guitchounts
Mike Bagneski
Jenny Rolfe
Philip Squire
Tom Gray
Eric Braun updated
Patrick Ragsdale
Andy Cleary
Felix Potsak
Kubi : Michael from Poland

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